About Association of Strata Managers (ASM)


Sometime around mid‐December 2012, an informal meeting of managing agent firms took place at a cafe in Toa Payoh Hub. As fellow practitioners in the business of strata management, it was intended that the occasion not only served to spread camaraderie and festive cheer but could also be an effective platform for shared experiences and to reflect on the challenges facing the strata industry. Among this initial gathering were key representatives from the prominent industry players as well as the small and mid-sized companies.

And, since everyone who was present concurred that the session was fruitful and informative, it was agreed to continue meeting informally on a regular basis. Soon enough the group grew in number to 13 company representatives and then the idea of forming an association was mooted.

On 22 July 2013, the Association of Strata Managers (ASM) was registered with the Registry of Societies. The 10 founding members of ASM are all experienced professionals who are running companies managing a diverse range of properties. They include a good number of well-known and highly regarded firms currently in practice. Collectively, the ASM founder member firms manage more than 700 management corporation clients totalling over 100,000 strata lots.

By directly addressing the unique needs of the strata manager for professional and continuing development and by representing the common interests of the management corporation and the managing agent, ASM seeks to be the lead organisation for practitioners in the management of strata titled properties in Singapore.


  1. To set industry standards of performance through training, continuing education and accreditation,

  2. To promote professional ethics and conduct amongst its members, and

  3. To be an effective advocate for the strata titled community as a whole.

The Association will align closely with the policies, regulatory framework, guidelines and best practices of relevant Government authorities, stat boards and technical departments and seeks to collaborate with them to establish a robust training and coaching curriculum for the strata industry.