The Association of Strata Managers (ASM) is a national association that protects the rights and safeguards the interests of Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) managing agents in Singapore. Since its inception in December 2012, the ASM has remained committed to providing an interactive platform for strata management firms and property-managing agents in Singapore. To date, ASM represents 20 managing agent firms and more than 700 Management Corporations across Singapore. For the committee at ASM Singapore, securing the rights and interests of all members remains the foundation of the Association. View our list of members by clicking here.

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Interactive Learning for MCST Managing Agents in Singapore

Aside from protecting the interests of our members, the committee at the Association remains committed to providing an interactive platform for meaningful exchanges of knowledge amongst professionals, representatives and personnel in MCST managing agents in Singapore. Sharing of knowledge and learning as a collective remains a cornerstone of the ASM Singapore. In facilitating purposeful and effective exchange of knowledge through a collective union, the ASM endeavours to nurture professional ethics and conduct amongst all strata management firms in Singapore. Through the organisation of conferences, seminars, and training programmes for members, the ASM seeks to promote interactive learning and networking.


A National Body for Managing Agents and Firms in Singapore

As a professional body for MCST managing agents in Singapore, the ASM aligns its visions and missions to the framework and guidelines administered by governmental bodies in Singapore. The ASM remains devoted to fostering and preserving a top-notch code of professional practice and ethics in property management of strata-titled premises amongst managing agents in Singapore based on legislation and constitutional laws enforced by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA).

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Association of Strata Managers’ Commitment

The Association is committed to promoting and maintaining a high standard of professional conduct and ethics in property management of strata-titled properties in the Republic of Singapore where they are managed in accordance with the legislation – Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (the ‘BMSMA”).



Collectively, the companies who are listed with ASM manage more than 700 management corporation clients totaling over 100,000 strata lots. Property management and managing agents companies with at least 5 strata titled properties will be eligible to join ASM.

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