With in depth understanding of Strata Living and Building Management and Strata Management Act, RAFFLES set out to provide Building Management Consultancy & Managing Agent Services to Management Corporation Strata Titles and its Council members.



To manage and upkeep property for it to be an excellent home or investment which commands the best value and demand in the leasing and resale market.



Be and remain as one of the premier property management and consultancy companies.



Be a platform to provide jobs for individuals to discover, develop ones' potentials and excel in their chosen field.

Over the years, RAFFLES successfully built up her portfolio and progressed to become a brand name in the Property Management & Facility Management Industry.

RAFFLES is a highly resourceful, integrated and committed management agency that will effectively look into and resolve the multifaceted needs and challenges faced in the maintenance and management of the estates.


RAFFLES is confident that she can absolutely and effectively render the most needed  and valuable services in the maintenance and management of the estates, in particular, the formation and implementation of a set of tailored operating procedures and system for the management needs, looking into latent issues on maintenance or building defects, management and improvement works for the estate.