12 February 2020

To elevate the quality of services provided by managing agent (MA) companies, the Association of Strata Managers (ASM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) to provide training and accreditation of Individuals and Firms offering MA services. 

The ASM training course comprises four modules; one module covering Legislations will be conducted by BCA Academy. The remaining three modules covering Strata Management practice, administration and building maintenance will be conducted by ASM’s training partner.  Individuals passing the three modules will be awarded a Certificate in Strata Management

Individuals who pass the Legislation module by BCA Academy and who attain the Certificate in Strata Management will be certified as an accredited MA Individual.  To be eligible for consideration as an Accredited MA firm, the firm must meet the prescribed minimum proportion of its staff trained and certified as an ‘Accredited MA Individual’. Both Individuals and Firms will also need to meet ASM’s academic/professional qualifications and strata management work experience requirements. 

See our FAQ for more information.

 About ASM

Singapore had its first strata property in 1968.  Since then, the number of and type of strata properties has grown from housing to commercial, retail, industrial and mixed-use buildings; the technology to maintain them has also developed over the years. Today there are at least a million residents in condominiums and some 4,000 registered Management Corporations (MCs/MCSTs) for strata properties and Sub-MCs in the case of mixed-use developments, More MCs/MCSTs are expected to be formed in the coming years when on-stream projects and developments replacing en-bloc properties are completed.

 The Association of Strata Managers (ASM) was registered on 24 July 2013 as an association representing practitioners and managing agent firms engaged in the management of strata-titled properties.

 ASM’s founding members comprise a group of experienced professionals holding key positions in a good number of established and well-regarded firms.  Collectively, the founding member firms serve more than 1000 MC clients representing the interest of a few hundred thousand Subsidiary Proprietors (SPs)/Strata Unit owners.

 The mission of ASM is to raise the professionalism of the managing agent industry and safeguard consumer interest.  Its core objectives are:

 1.       To promote professional standards of performance and conduct amongst firms and individuals providing managing agent services

 2.       To be an effective advocate for the interests of the owners of strata-titled properties and managing agents.

 To achieve these ends, ASM has the following framework in place: 

     i.     Training and accreditation of Individuals and Firms practising in the Industry, independent of ASM membership

     ii.     Annual continual professional development training requirements of Accredited MA Individuals to ensure enhanced service delivery abreast with industry developments  

    iii.     A Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards to ensure that individuals and firms adhere to the Code and provide a consistent level of professional services at all times.

 ASM will also serve as a Centre for MCs and SPs to:

    i.    Seek assistance in strata management matters and

    ii.    Provide feedback on managing agent services

ASM’s Disciplinary Committee will investigate complaints made of accredited MA firms and individuals and take appropriate action when deemed necessary.

With professional standards and governance in place, ASM will serve as a focal point to attract new entrants to meet the current shortage of trained strata management personnel and will promote innovation and productivity in the provision of strata management services.    

 Contact information

 To learn more about the Association of Strata Managers, please contact our Secretariat, Mr Seeto at 6679 7799 or email: [email protected]

For queries related to BCA’s Recognition of the Accreditation scheme, please contact BCA, Ms Grace Teo at 62489834 or email: [email protected]