Strata Management Course

A collaboration between Association of Strata Managers and Singapore Polytechnic started the first Continuous Education Training (CET) run in May 2017. Upon completion of the course, participants are able to understand the roles of developer/owner/managing agent in strata developments and their respective compliance with Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act.

Each run conducted consists of 5 weekday nights lectures with an open book test at the last lecture.

A total of 164 participants have enrolled for the 7 completed runs.

Profiles of participants are practitioners from managing agents, council members, subsidiary proprietors and real estate agents.

The trainers are personnel from the top management of established managing agents and staff from Singapore Polytechnic.


Accreditation of Diploma in Facilities Management

Students upon successful completion of the Strata Management topics will get a certificate of competency jointly issued by Singapore Polytechnic and Association of Strata Managers. The pioneer batch of students will graduate in 2021. The accreditation will give assurance to ASM members on the competencies of graduates from the Singapore Polytechnic in the field of strata management.