Outcome-based Contract for Security & Cleaning Services

What is Outcome-based Contracting (OBC)?

There has been increasing emphasis on Outcome-based contracts over the traditional head-count based g task-based contracts in Singapore. What exactly is Outcome-based contracts for Jecurity g Cleaning which are the usual top expenditure items for MCSTs today. Learn more of this through our coming Webinar with 2 speakers from the SPF (Spore Police Force) & NEA (National Environment Agency).

Ms. Vivian Tan of Centre for Protective Security, Singapore Police Force will be sharing with you:

  1. lntroduction to Outcome-based contrnng
  2. Scope of Requirement
  3. Performance Management
  4. Performance Management

While Mr. lsaac Soh Boon Ping from NEA, lndustry Development & Promotion Division will share with us how to be smart in a tech-based contracting for cleaning efficiency and cost reduction.