Corporate Membership Terms & Conditions

  • The Association may admit as a Corporate Member any company that is registered with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore (ACRA) subject to the company managing at all times not less than five ( 5) strata titled properties.

  • A Corporate Member must at all times hold valid professional indemnity insurance and must have at least one individual within the company that is an accredited Strata Manager by the Association. Accreditation will be conferred through qualifications, relevant experience and knowledge of the strata management industry.

  • Membership is conditional upon Committee approval and payment of the prescribed entrance fee and annual subscriptions.

Entrance Fee & Annual Subscription

  • An Entrance Fee in the amount S$1,000 is payable within two (2) weeks of approval of your application for membership, in default of which your membership may be withdrawn by the Committee.

  • Annual subscription fees in the amount S$1,000 shall be payable in each financial year commencing l st January through 31 st December.

  • Annual subscriptions are payable in advance within the first month of each financial year.

  • If annual subscription is not received within the first two (2) months of the financial year, the President may order that you be denied privileges of membership until such time you settle your account in full.

  • Subscriptions not received more than three (3) months of their being due will result in the defaulting member automatically ceasing to be a member of the Association. Thereafter, the Committee may seek legal recourse against that member for the recovery of all arrears outstanding.

  • Payments to the Association by bank cheque shall be in favor of "Association of Strata Managers".

Cancellation of Membership

  • Corporate membership can be cancelled should you breach the Association's Constitution, code of ethical conduct and/or accepted business practices within the strata management industry. There will be no refund if your membership is cancelled.

  • No refund will be provided by the Association should you wish to voluntarily cancel your membership during the membership year. Notice of Membership cancellation shall be submitted to the Association in writing.

  • The Association reserves the right to cancel your membership should your payments not be received within the prescribed time frame for each year.